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"Air Conditioning Beverly Hills not only helps with planning a system they do a great job with the actual installation. Taking care of all the permits and making sure itís up to code while working alongside my contractor. These guys are a truly professional outfit that I am happy to recommend to people."
Dr. Abdul

"They provided me a quote that beat all the others that came in, they were careful in my home while carrying out the work that was needed and they were quick to get it done so I did not have to sit around all day waiting for them to arrive."
Mrs. Cohen

"My brand new store I opened up was having some major temperature fluxions that were either making the place feel like a freezer or sauna. Being a business owner I wanted my customers kept happy so they would feel comfortable shopping at my store. I had Air Conditioning Beverly Hills come and give me a price to fix the system and now itís like new. "
Tina Lauder

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Air Conditioning Beverly Hills
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Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating in Beverly Hills

We have worked with many businesses in Beverly Hills on multiple projects. These can range from hotels, retail, department stores, offices and specialized businesses. Not only have we covered installation from start to finish for these businesses but also we offer maintenance and repair services.

All our commercial customers are always happy because if they are having a new installation we work well with their onsite contractor to offer seamless installation that makes the job go much smoother. We look to make sure all permits are obtained and we make sure the contractor is ready for us and we organize with them the best times to come in and start fitting out the air conditioning and heating system.

All of our team is licensed and they are trained up to a high standard on every HVAC manufacturer on the market. You really want a company that has many years of experience so if they encounter an older air conditioning system they will instantly know how to fix it stopping any delays. We can offer you that but there are many companies out there that canít.

We can deal with the sorting out of any paper work and the logistics to make sure less stress is put on you and our business deals with the brunt of it.

What we can do is come in and give you a presentation on the latest air conditioning units that are commercially trending. These will be the systems that are getting installed in all of the top commercial buildings across the world as well as America. We look at future installations around the world like Dubai and Europe to see what they are installing to stay ahead of the technical curve. We can go through all the various price points and offer you cost effect solutions that will not only help with running costs but provide a silent running noise that will not distract workers or clients.

Should your air conditioning and heating system break down then we are always a phone call away. We work around the clock to provide swift solutions to getting the system back up and running. We never want to see your customers or staff members unhappy so if needed we can work around the clock to fix a problem if needed. We have worked and saved many a social event in Beverly Hills when a system packs up and most notable was a certain awards show that just happened to have the air conditioning system go down the night before the awards. Our team worked all through the night to make sure it was working the next day and it was done without anyone knowing the difference. Thatís how good we are, we work to deadlines and we get the job done.

So should you be encountering any air conditioning issues then you can always count on our staff to resolve any issues with ease and discrepancy.