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"Air Conditioning Beverly Hills not only helps with planning a system they do a great job with the actual installation. Taking care of all the permits and making sure it’s up to code while working alongside my contractor. These guys are a truly professional outfit that I am happy to recommend to people."
Dr. Abdul

"They provided me a quote that beat all the others that came in, they were careful in my home while carrying out the work that was needed and they were quick to get it done so I did not have to sit around all day waiting for them to arrive."
Mrs. Cohen

"My brand new store I opened up was having some major temperature fluxions that were either making the place feel like a freezer or sauna. Being a business owner I wanted my customers kept happy so they would feel comfortable shopping at my store. I had Air Conditioning Beverly Hills come and give me a price to fix the system and now it’s like new. "
Tina Lauder

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Air Conditioning Beverly Hills
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Residential Air Conditioning and Heating in Beverly Hills

Certain things can get overlooked in a home and climate control can be one of those things. What’s the one thing you want to feel all the time in your place? And the answer is comfort. Our job is to make sure your temperature is providing you constant comfort, should it be a heat wave and you need to get the inside temperature down or a cold spell where the heating needs to be turned on. We have special and new systems that can be set to fluctuate between the temperatures you desire. You will always have the perfect temperature with the touch of a button.

We like to pass on savings to you and we can do this by having great relationships with manufactures so we can get parts and equipment at deeply discounted prices. We make sure you are covered by the correct warranties and we also make a plan so you can have a maintenance team come out and make sure everything is working correctly.

We have new products always arriving from Air filter monitors that will notify you when you need to clean or replace your air filters. We also work with fitting Nest systems that can control your temperature via Wi-Fi from your phone. We also work with Prestige and that equipment comes with a cool programmable thermostat and you can change the screen display to match your décor. We also have Voice controlled thermostats that also have phone apps so you can log in to change the home temperature settings.

If you are having a new system installed in the house we will make sure to notify you of the areas we will be working in. We do this because we don’t want to cause disruption and we try and get all the in home work done quickly. This will leave just the outside stuff to connect up and fit so we will be out of the way and not bothering you.

Here at Air Conditioning Beverly Hills our residential features include:

• Servicing air ducts and cleaning.
• UV air cleaning systems installed.
• Touch pad thermostats.
• Air conditioning and heating installation including all warranties.
• Maintenance programs.
• Full replacement or worn parts, with warranties included on the new parts.

We will also advise you on ways you can save energy and money and we can do a walk through with you to show you areas in your home that are poorly insulated and are considered cold spots. We have a thermal device that will show you this. We can then make recommendations on how to fix the problem or you can just be aware of it to fix it at a later date.