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"Air Conditioning Beverly Hills not only helps with planning a system they do a great job with the actual installation. Taking care of all the permits and making sure its up to code while working alongside my contractor. These guys are a truly professional outfit that I am happy to recommend to people."
Dr. Abdul

"They provided me a quote that beat all the others that came in, they were careful in my home while carrying out the work that was needed and they were quick to get it done so I did not have to sit around all day waiting for them to arrive."
Mrs. Cohen

"My brand new store I opened up was having some major temperature fluxions that were either making the place feel like a freezer or sauna. Being a business owner I wanted my customers kept happy so they would feel comfortable shopping at my store. I had Air Conditioning Beverly Hills come and give me a price to fix the system and now its like new. "
Tina Lauder

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Duct Cleaning Service Beverly Hills

You might have a wonderful looking home or business that is spotless, no dirt, no grime. Your place is a germ free sleek environment. But what you might be missing is whats lurking inside those air vents that pump out the most precious thing we all need in life to survive, air!

Air ducts harbor not only dust and dirt but they can be the cause of certain allergies, if you have found yourself sneezing more lately then this can be because your ducts are blowing out unsanitary dust. What you require is a simple inspection to see the state of the ducts and a simple clean. We will put a small camera through the ducts to check the build up and show you what is hiding in there. Once you give us the ok we can get to work using high powered vacuums to suck out and clean those ducts so they are like brand new.

Our aim is to make sure that there is not a speck of dust left sitting in that duct. We also look to change the filters so clean air continues to flow through your home or business for the foreseeable future.

We can also offer fantastic maintenance programs to routinely check your ventilation systems to make sure they look clean and are well taken care of. Our rates are very competitive and we will even price match to get your business.

We recommend that you call us today for a quote as we are the duct cleaners to the stars, our Beverly Hills crew have worked in some of the most established businesses in Beverly Hills to make sure there air ducts needs are 100% perfect.

Duct cleaning will help clear some of the following issues:

Dust As you know dust can build up very easy, please make sure the ducts are getting a spring clean.
Germs Unfortunately germs are everywhere, we like to regularly sterilize the vents to prevent a build up of any nasty germs.
Pollen If you are sneezing and suffering from an allergic reaction to pollen then make your home a safe haven. This can be done by a simple ventilation clean to remove any pollen in the ducts.
Mold Spores Mold spores are pretty much everywhere and they can cause itchy eyes and a runny nose. By cleaning the vents it will cut down the spores massively and it will also help keep you staff and family healthy.
Bacteria Any build up of bacteria is a big no, no! Dont let your vents become a harbor for this.
We can also help you out by providing Air Cleaning purifying filters, UV disinfecting systems and other amazing products to keep your air quality as good as you would find standing outdoors on top of the Swiss alps.