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"Air Conditioning Beverly Hills not only helps with planning a system they do a great job with the actual installation. Taking care of all the permits and making sure itís up to code while working alongside my contractor. These guys are a truly professional outfit that I am happy to recommend to people."
Dr. Abdul

"They provided me a quote that beat all the others that came in, they were careful in my home while carrying out the work that was needed and they were quick to get it done so I did not have to sit around all day waiting for them to arrive."
Mrs. Cohen

"My brand new store I opened up was having some major temperature fluxions that were either making the place feel like a freezer or sauna. Being a business owner I wanted my customers kept happy so they would feel comfortable shopping at my store. I had Air Conditioning Beverly Hills come and give me a price to fix the system and now itís like new. "
Tina Lauder

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Our Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Beverly Hills

Air conditioning and heating systems are generally pretty standard, you have a fair amount of brands out there but like a car engine itís all very familiar meaning the inner workings from one manufacturer to the next. Seeing as we have been in the Air conditioning field for many years we are more than aware of how any given system works and we keep up to date on all the latest trends in the air conditioning field.

Every year we attend the AHR Expo to learn about and get acquainted with the latest cutting edge technology involved with the air conditioning and heating world. This is great because we can bring customers the latest trends and products like touch controlled heating systems that can be controlled from your phone or tablet. To even systems that can be checked on while youíre away from your home and set to be turned on before you get home so every zone in your home has its own temperature if thatís what you want. This is great for people with pets because on a hot day you can keep an area of the home cool for those summer days for your pet so they donít overheat and are comfortable, or when itís cold adjust the temperature so itís nice and cozy for them.

Our services include the following:
Air conditioning and heating installation Ė We can install a full system for you that not only will provide efficient and cost effective running costs but also, silent and smart technology solutions. Monitor your consumption and send more air or heat to areas of the home or business you want with the use of a touch panel or smart phone.

Air conditioning maintenance Ė We like to make sure our customers HVAC systems never break down and this can be avoided by regular maintenance. We offer all our customers discounted plans to come and inspect their units and make sure the ducts are clear and the air quality is good. We look for worn parts that might need replacing after a set amount of time, we make sure all the coolant is topped up and the filters are regularly changed which will not only keep the efficiency of your unit running at the rate it should but also keep the energy costs down.

Air conditioning repair Ė If you happen to have a faulty air conditioning system then we are the company to call in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. We are very familiar with Beverly Hills as we are based here and all of our licensed crew members are experts on every air conditioning system imaginable. This can range from advanced commercial systems to in home simple one unit systems we have the ability to repair any system in that air conditioning spectrum.

Emergency services Ė With the services we provide we are on alert 24 hours a day to make sure your air conditioning can be fixed at any hour of the day. We understand our clients have different work hours or they have businesses that run 24 hours a day meaning their staff must be kept comfortable at all times and we accommodate for that by being able to fix any problem at any hour, 7 days a week.

So with all that information at hand, it really does make sense to pick our services for any HVAC needs that you might have. Call us today at (310) 409-4662